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Allan Nordensgaard Olesen

6720 Fanø


Mobil  +45 29253518


"It is important to me that I am true to myself when I paint and wish to pass on an impression or try to maintain something unique.

I wish to paint inspired of the feelings that one or another experience has brought to me.

Then there is a chance that my work becomes "true" and if I at the same time try to be mindful, then I maintain a certain kind of spontaneity.”

citat: ANO


A self-taught painter 

Naval Architecture - Technical University of Denmark 

Marine carpenter and naval architect and after that a few years at the University of Roskilde - Denmark .

Teacher of Art  - University College - South Denmark 

Employed  in the shipbuilding industry, public employed - teacher in technology and design

Creative workings since the 60´


From 1983 to 1998 sailingcruises in South Denmark -  in own ship

“Anna” of Svendborg, restoret in 1980-83. 

Born 1948 in Esbjerg - Denmark